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I'm Danny, and I have written and rewritten this bio so many more times than I care to admit. Writing about yourself is hard, I find showing off my work hard. But I'll give both a go...

I'm a 37 year-old Web Developer, I have over 15 years of commercial experience under my belt.

In that time I've built bespoke websites, CMSs, CRMs, APIs, Bespoke solutions to unusual problems, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, some fun projects, and lots more.

From developing a bridge connecting an offline stock management system with an eCommerce website, to creating website builders, there's a lot I've done, a lot I've not done, but I'm excited to do more.


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I have developed a plethora of websites, the majority of them for other web-agencies, and so I cannot show off on a personal site.

So, here's a sample of the range of development I undertake, these are cherry-picked from over 15 years of development.

Website Builder


I was tasked with developing a WYSIWYG website builder, invitation and save the date service that wedding couples could manage themselves. You can choose from a pre-made theme and customise it, or build your own theme from scratch. All pre-made themes were made in the builder.

The system managed the sending of wedding invitations and save the dates, and guests could login to the wedding couples website to log their invitation response, upload wedding photos to the gallery and more.

On the face of it, it looks like a fairly simple website builder, but a fully fledged scheduler runs in the background doing things like generating invitation imagery, handling payments, email notifications.

Twitter JS Library


In early 2013 Twitter discontinued the v1 API which left a lot of developers stuck, especially with embedding tweets on websites without using the official widget.

I developed the GMTweets Library to allow front end developers a quick and easy way to embed tweets on their website, without them needing to worry about the v1.1 OAuth serverside jargon.

In the peak of its popularity it was serving over 9million embeds a month.

I took the decision to privatise the library after a year due to server costs.



I was commissioned to design and develop a website for the client LUXAir.

Although design is not my forte, I took to Figma and designed multiple concepts, as well as a product configuration tool.

Server Setup


As part of my day to day, I setup and maintain a series of dedicated servers, VPS, and for larger clients, the complete infrastructure from the CDN through to the backup servers and redundancy plan.

WordPress Plugins


WordPress is a very popular CMS, and it is easily extendable. I have written countless plugins to extend the functionality of WordPress, introduce more features or improve performance.

  • UX improvements including automatic image compression, next-gen image loading
  • Functional enhancements like sorting posts, bulk editing, find/replace globally
  • Security features (2FA, upload monitor, Single Sign On)
  • Integrations with third party pieces of software, like CRMs, APIs, Payment gateways


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From making a small tweak to your website to building and deploying a bespoke solution, the chances are that I'll have the experience and knowledge to work with you and your project.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a great CMS for content editors, and with the right developer, WordPress can be a very powerful, fast, reliable and secure website offering a suite of features.

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Laravel Development

Laravel is a powerful framework that helps create amazing applications and websites. Already have a Laravel app you'd like extending, or interested in building one?

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Web Development

Not sure what it's all about, but looking for a website? Let me guide you through the process and put together the best cost-effective solution to aid your business or project.

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Fix the bugs!

Bugs, they're everywhere, but they don't have to be. If you have bugs or frustrations with your website, see what I can do to clean them up.

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Recover from a Hack

If your website or server has been hacked the chances are I'll be able to restore the website and patch the exploit.

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Performance improvements

Web Vitals have become an important part of both UX and SEO. Make sure your website is performing at its best. Free website audit available.

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Something Bespoke

Your project doesn't fall into these categories? Sounds exciting! Get in touch and find out if I'm able to help.

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